Making Your Home Safe and Accessible for Holiday Guests

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s smart to make sure your home is safe and accessible for holiday guests, whether they’re trick-or-treaters or Thanksgiving visitors.

Our team at Security First Financial wants you to have a safe, fun, happy holiday season, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you prepare your home for visitors.

Keep your walkways clear

Make sure guests can get to your home safely by clearing your walkways of debris, clutter, ice, snow, leaves and anything else that could cause them to trip or slip. If you have any decorations with plugs and cords, be sure the cords don’t cross pathways.

Get a motion sensor light

If you don’t already have a motion sensor light, now’s the time to install one. A simple light can help welcome visitors find their way to your door safely while discouraging vandalism or porch theft.

Check ramps and railings

Check the ramps and railings near your home to make sure they’re secure before visitors arrive. If you’re interested in making large repairs or installing a ramp to make your home more accessible, a refinance or renovation loan could help you get the funds you need.

Use LED lights instead of candles

Lots of holiday décor calls for fun lights, whether you’re carving pumpkins, placing lights along the walkway or decorating indoors. Whenever possible, use LED lights instead of candles to prevent fires and burns.

Keep pets in a safe place

The holidays are exciting but can be stressful for pets. Find a safe, cozy place for your pets to relax where they can’t get outside—especially if there will be fireworks or lots of people coming and going.

We hope you have a happy Halloween and fun holiday season. If you have any financing needs, we’re here for you. Give us a call at 303-740-8300 or visit us online at

Original blog post by Primary Residential Mortgage Inc.

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