What You Should Know About Buying Property with an HOA

Here's some background on HOAs to know before you buy a property...

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) often manage community interests, including maintenance of common areas and cohesion of community atmosphere, in a development.

Condominium buildings almost always have an HOA. Planned communities with common areas and amenities or the goal of adhering to certain standards often have HOAs, too.

Buyers will be bound by guidelines contained in a set of bylaws. An elected board of homeowners governs the HOA.

How much does an HOA cost?

HOA fees range from a low annual payment to monthly charges. Fees can cover taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance, and even staffing for common areas, amenities, and security.

The cost to homeowners is calculated by dividing total expenses by the number of individual properties. In some cases, like condos, costs will be prorated based on the size of the unit. HOA fees will be considered for the qualification of your mortgage loan.

What should I know before I buy?

It’s important for buyers and legal counsel to review all HOA documents before a purchase to ensure activities planned for the property, such as renovations or rentals, are allowed.

An HOA can enhance life in your community by taking care of common interests and protecting property values. If you have questions about HOAs or home financing in general, let us know. We'd be glad to help.

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