10 Ways You Can Better Protect Your Home During Wildfire Season

At Security First Financial, we know not all disasters are preventable. But fortunately, there are several things you can do to better protect your property and your loved ones.

Below, we share tips that can reduce fire risks at your home, especially if you’re concerned about wildfire season...

Your Home

  • Check out your roof to find out if it is covered with fire-resistant materials. If your roofing is wood, make sure it has been treated correctly to make it safer. You can also consider replacing your roofing with other fire-resistant materials like clay tiles, asphalt shingles, or slate.

  • While you’re checking your roof, pay attention to the gutters and make sure they’re clear of debris that could be flammable. It’s wise to check your gutters every few months and clean them out.

  • Upgrade your home exterior with fire-resistant materials like stone and brick. Avoid vinyl and wood siding unless it has been specially treated.

  • Replace older, single-pane windows with tempered, double-paned windows and screens. Your home will be safer, and as an added bonus, it can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, whether it's summer or winter.

Your Yard

  • Water your lawn and plants regularly to keep them healthy and prevent them from drying out, especially during the hotter months.

  • Remove any dead trees or plants in your yard.

  • Clear up dropped pine needles.

  • Make sure there are no tree branches hanging over your home.

  • Check your fence. If it is attached to your home, the part that attaches should be made of a more fire-resistant material than wood.

  • Evaluate your storage. Make sure flammable items like firewood and propane are stored away from your house.

Original blog post by Primary Residential Mortgage Inc.

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